4-Year-Old Boys Headstone That A Mom Is Being Forced To Remove


A British mother is outraged after council chiefs removed her deceased son’s star-shaped headstone following a complaint from another family who claimed it wasn’t “in keeping” with the rest of the cemetery.

Max Corbett-Gardener was just 4 years old when he passed away after complications from his severe epilepsy. His mother, Jo Corbett-Weeks, 42, saved up £4,580 to design a specially-made headstone featuring a teddy bear holding a star inscribed with a tribute to her son, the Daily Mail reports.

The heartfelt memorial was erected on Max’s grave to commemorate what would have been the boy’s seventh birthday on May 31. But three days later, the headstone was removed from Great Malvern Cemetery by council chiefs in Worcestershire.

“It would have been Max’s seventh birthday on the Sunday, and this was like a birthday present to him from me,” Corbett-Weeks, who has two other children ages 16 and 5, told BBC. “I chose a star-shaped stone because I wanted something suitable for Max – something personal.

“This stone is just so perfect for my poor little chap,” she added.

A family had complained to the Malvern Town Council that the headstone was not “in keeping” with the rest of the cemetery. Corbett-Weeks says the stone was then removed without her knowledge or consent and she is demanding that it be reinstated.

“I was totally unaware this was going on. The council did not contact me and it was the stonemason who told me he’d been ordered to remove it,” Corbett-Weeks explained. “I feel upset, distressed and angry. We have been through so much as a family. I could understand if the grave was uncared for or unsightly, but it isn’t.

“The headstone meant a lot to me and the family but now we are fighting to have it put back,” she said. “It’s a horrible situation. We just want to have somewhere to grieve.”

The memorial was placed in the adult area of the cemetery, where Corbett-Weeks had her son buried so that he could be close to other family members.

The council said that if the application for the stone had been received within the usual time frame, they would not have given the stonemason permission to install it in the first place. They added that had the star-shaped headstone been installed at the children’s area of the cemetery, it would have been allowed.

“We have a conformity of shapes in our lawn cemetery. We were contacted by people who objected to the shape,” a Malvern Town Council spokesman explained to BBC. “The longer it stayed up, the harder the process would have been.

“It was a very difficult decision to remove it but one we had to make straight away,” the spokesman said.

The council added that the complaint was not so much about the shape of the headstone as it was about following protocol.

‘It wasn’t necessarily an objection to the shape but why we appeared to be applying one rule to one family and other rules to another,” the spokesman continued. “The stonemason in this situation did not have permission to put the stone up – and the stone is not in keeping with the graves in that area.

“By not following the correct process he has caused considerable distress to both families,” the spokesman concluded.

The council is arranging a meeting with Corbett-Weeks to discuss a new design for her son’s headstone.

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  1. This is disgraceful,what is wrong with people,that they can complain about you childs grave stone,and get it removed? Do they not think that because the stone is in the shape of a star that the family has no respect? how many times have they told a child ,who has maybe lost a grandparent,that if they look into the sky,the star that is shining brightest is,nanny or grandpa? some people,including the jobs worth council officer are selfish ,unkind and downright horrible.

  2. Jackie wintle // July 7, 2016 at 3:32 pm // Reply

    Bureaucracy gone mad. Leave the family alone. Let them have the stone they want. As if they having suffered enough.

  3. glenda byrnes // July 7, 2016 at 3:54 pm // Reply

    That is disgusting thing to do. The poor family have gone through enough and to do this to there boys resting place council should be ashamed of them selves.

  4. This message has just distressed me my little twin boys passed away last September and it’s the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone loosing their child until u experience it u will never no we will soon be in the process of getting our boys a headstone for there birthday and this is so upsetting and I feel for the family and this poor boy how dare somebody complain about something like this I don’t get the cold heartness of people they need to be put in a room with parents who’s lost children and explain there selfs cus they would have a shock and leave with a different feeling! The council should of ignored these stupid people and left the headstone on how dare somebody touch what’s not there’s without permission especially when it’s something like that I would rip someone’s head off if anyone done anything like that to my kids I feel for u I really do I hope it sorts itself make a pertition I would defo sign bring back Max headstone x

  5. brenda jaggers // July 7, 2016 at 4:56 pm // Reply

    how pathetic is the council, they can approve if they wanted probably run with old fogies that wont change with the times…as for the family that complained, KARMA is a bitch and your day is coming you horrible low life

  6. I. Am. Utterly. Disgusted. Hasn’t. The. Family. Suffered. Enough. Your. Adding. More. Grieve. On. Them. All. Because someone. Complained. N. The. Council. Say. Permission. Wasn’t. Given. The. Ppl. Who. Complained. Should. Be ashamed. N. Hang. Their. Head. In. Shame n. The. Council. Need. To grow a pair. Balls utterly disgusted

  7. mrs P thompson // July 7, 2016 at 7:56 pm // Reply

    What is wrong with these people are they sick or suffering from mental illness to complain about a childs headstone there heart should go out to the parents of the little boy ever time they walk past the headstone and read it l hope all those people that complained and the council for taking it down that there worst nightmares come true they are so wrong on so many levels

  8. Words fail me how selfish some People can be. To you who complained about the little boys headstone & you who made the decision to remove, Karma will come to you, the sooner the better. There is no grief like parents haveing to deal with the devastating loss of their child, it’s not supposed to work that way. No one can no the feeling unless it happens to you. You need somewhere to go & talk with your loved one, share what’s happend with family & friends who also would want to visit. To remove the headstone without informing the family is a absolute disgrace. Shame on you. I hope a petition is started to reinstate it back to where it was.

  9. Who do the council think they are taking down a headstone just because of complaints I hope that anyone of them suffer tragedy like this family has then they will know the suffering and that they will not be allowed to erect a headstone of their choice !!!!!!!

  10. Mrs J Lane // July 7, 2016 at 11:26 pm // Reply

    If the council are insisting on another headstone I hope they are going to pay for it. The family has already paid for a memorial for their child if the council insists on something diferent then they should be made to pay.

  11. ROXIE PHILLIPS // July 8, 2016 at 2:07 am // Reply


  12. Apparently the shape of a fucking headstone if more important than the mother’s memorial for her son. Fuck these assholes for doing this to her and to him.

  13. this is crazy …where has our freedom of choice gone… pathetic people who have nothing better to think about…”get a life”….do you not think the family have suffered enough???…my thoughts go out to the family…

  14. glenda byrnes // September 23, 2016 at 6:46 pm // Reply

    Utter disgrace. Love to the family.xxxx

  15. God help those who opposed this childs headstone, it was a very petty thing to do,to put this mother and her family through this, maybe it was an oversight on the mothers behalf as to where she placed the beautiful headstone through her grief, wise up all you complainers and get together for it to go back up.

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