BREAKING NEWS: You Can Now Buy An Entire Box Of Just Celebrations’ Teasers!! DREAMS DO COME TRUE!


Everyone knows that the Maltesers sweets in a Celebrations tin are by far superior to any other chocolate. It’s a fact, don’t try to deny it. The only problem is that there’s never enough of them to go around.

No office party or Christmas is complete without a box or two, and the sweet Maltesery treats are always the first to go if you don’t get your mitts on them quick. There’s only one thing worse than not managing to get one, and that’s the feeling you get when you thinkyou’ve found one but some f*cker’s just put a wrapper back in. A wrapper. Monsters, the lot of you.

Hatred aside, it was only a matter of time before someone clocked on and decided to give us all what we want; a box containing only Teasers.

Praise the chocolate gods!

You can find them at Tesco for £3.00 per box. You can’t put a price on happiness, right?

Now they aren’t stocked in every store so be sure to check with your local before you head down there, but happy munching!


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