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Uneven skin tone, age spots, sun spots, acne scars, freckles and hyper-pigmentation are among the many skin issues that people battle with. While pinpointing their causes and preventing them before they reach your skin’s surface is ideal, it’s not always practical.

However, rather than turning to store-bought chemical-based products to lighten and brighten your skin tone, why not opt for natural ingredients (many of which are in your kitchen as you’re reading this). Not only will you be able to control the ingredients and dosages, but also dodge any negative side effects.


Hydroquinone is a highly controversial topical skin-care ingredient. While it has been proven to inhibit your skin’s natural melanin production, the substance secreted by the skin to protect itself against harmful UV radiation from the sun, it doesn’t come without its dangers.

Hydroquinone is highly toxic, and therefore, can cause serious irritation to the skin, especially for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Most often, however, hydroquinone causes redness, itchiness or a burning sensation – not something you want to impose your skin with on a regular basis!

Ironically, hydroquinone is often used to reduce sun damage and spots, it makes your skin more susceptible to UVA and UVB damage! This can lead to more serious sun spots, or worse, dangerous sunburns and increased risks of certain types of cancer. To boot, several medical studies have stated that hydroquinone is possible carcinogen. Yikes!


Skip the over-priced and dangerous store-bought skin brighteners and turn to mother nature’s natural offerings. Not only will you avoid any dangerous or unpredictable side effects, but these have proven to be equally, if not more, effective than their chemical-based alternatives.


Lemon is a safe, cost effective way to lighten skin naturally. Naturally high in Vitamin C, lemons effectively brighten your overall skin tone, clear dark spots and lighten acne scars. Vitamin C has been scientifically proven to reduce your skin’s melanin production. The excessive production of melanin can cause dark skin tone and patches.

Lemon’s high citric acid content whitens and exfoliates your skin. Together, you dead skin cells will be lifted and washed away, revealing clearer, brighter skin underneath. Best yet, lemon’s high antibacterial and anti-fungal properties mean that any bacteria build up in the process is killed and eliminated.


For centuries, turmeric has been used to naturally lighten skin pigmentation. Turmeric has been long celebrated for its ability to brighten and smooth skin, revealing a younger more radiant complexion.

Similar to lemon, turmeric high curcumin inhibits your skin’s excessive secretion of melanin – the substance that give your skin it’s dark colour due to environmental factors.


Put these natural skin-brightening ingredients to the test with this powerful, yet gentle face mask. Lemon and turmeric work to lighten the skin while the honey eases any irritation or dryness. Together, your skin will be left baby-skin soft and with time, reveal lighter, brighter skin!


1 1/2 teaspoon raw honey
2 teaspoons juiced lemon
1/4 teaspoon turmeric

There’s a secret trick to get ketchup out of the bottle – but only 11% of people know about it!



We’ve all been there. You’re happily enjoying some fish and chips on a Friday night and the only thing that could make it better is ketchup.

But try as you might, you can’t get it out of the bottle. What do we do now? Give up?

Well, there’s no reason to. Heinz have revealed the secret to getting that tomatoey goodness on to your plate – and it’s all about where you tap.

A spokesperson for Heinz told Mirror Online: “To release ketchup faster from a glass bottle, here is a little secret from Heinz.

The sweet spot to tap on the Heinz bottle is the embossed 57 on the neck.

“All you need to do is apply a firm tap where the bottle narrows, and the ketchup will come out easier.”

It’s been staring us in the face all along.

A statement on the Heinz website says that only 11% of people know about this.

Of course, for those who think this is too much like hard work, there’s an even simpler solution…

“Alternatively, you can easily squeeze your ketchup by choosing a plastic top down bottle of Heinz Tomato Ketchup with its special stay clean cap.”

Yes, there’s that too.




A migraine has always been the worst feeling an ordinary person might ever feel. It comes without warning and it sometimes comes on the days that you are not really expecting it. Just imagine yourself doing important matters in a daily basis then suddenly feel this terrible feeling. Or having a date with your most precious love one then suddenly feel this pain? Day ruining isn’t it?

But don’t you know that there is an easy way to get rid of this madness? I know not everyone knows that by simply checking on your kitchen you will be able to find relief to migraine without even spending so much. Yes, indeed, you are using this condiment almost every day when eating and cooking: Salt!


To some, is just an ordinary thing that is abundant everywhere. But don’t know that salt has the power to reduce a severe internal ailment, such as migraine?

To get rid of your migraine you need to use a high quality salt like the Pink Himalayan Salt.

This type of salt contains elements, electrolytes and minerals that can help you upgrade your health status.

Aside from that, this type of salt doesn’t taste salty at all; it tastes like pure water.

Don’t you know that this salt has the power to enhance your immune system, help you have a better blood circulation and it also supports balanced hormones?

Those were just few of the many benefits of Himalayan salt to humans.

We usually disregard the benefits of salt but look how it helps to make us feel better.


Long time ago (like a million years now) there were crystallized sea salt in Himalayan range that covered with lava. Aside from that, the place was kept in a pristine place that covered by snow and there is ice in there the whole year round.

Therefore, the lava covered the salt for a long year keeping it from the pollution of the urban world and because of that Himalayan believed that Pink Himalayan salt is indeed the purest among all the salt ever found on the earth’s the surface.

Years later it was hand-mined by several miners in the Himalayas and was immediately distributed and sold to the market for culinary consumption. The variation of the different hues in the including pink, red and white indicates that it is rich in minerals and energy-iron contents.

Thus, it was also discovered that this salt has several minerals and vitamins that are also found in fruits and vegetable. Since this salt was formed naturally then the minerals within the sodium works like a synergy. Synergy, by the way, the interaction and/or cooperation of two or more substances, organizations, etc. to produce a combined effect greater than the total amount of their separate effects. Healthy isn’t it?


As an addition, Himalayan Pink salt also contains 80+ minerals and because of that it can definitely help you balance your electrolyte, regulate the water content in your cells, helps to balance your Ph level of alkalinity and acidity, prevents cramping in your muscle, helps your metabolism to function well, make your bone strong, helps the intestine to absorb nutrients easily, aids in preventing goiter and helps remove toxins in your body. Those were just the additional benefits of the Himalayan Pink salt. Amazing right?

Now going back to the benefit of salt to migraine headache, we will be giving you an easy step on how to work for a magic to get rid of the pain.

First, you simply need to get some lemon fruit, cut it in half and squeeze it to get the juice.
Next, after preparing the lemon juice you then add 2 teaspoons of Pink Himalayan salt.
Drink the juice and wait for not more than 5 minutes and you will eventually feel its immediate result.

Those were easy as one, two, three right? Try doing this at home and don’t forget to share it with you love once. Remember salt may only be a small substance but it works hundred times its size.




Plopping some of your favorite fruits into water isn’t just delicious; it’s healthy.

Acqua Blend explains that fruit-infused water gives you extra nutrients, and the antioxidants in fruit help rid your body of toxins. Plus, Audrey Johns of Lose Weight by Eating notes that fruit-infused water can also help your body recuperate better after a workout and even give your groggy afternoon a boost.

So next time you reach for a sports or caffeinated drink, think about the benefits fruit water can give you instead. Fruit-infused water is super low in calories and packed with antioxidants and nutrients, and it’s all natural. When you’re trying to get healthy, staying hydrated is one of the most important aspects, so make some fruit-infused water ahead of time and suck down these delicious drinks all day long.

Benefits of fruit infused water
According to Acqua Blend and Lose Weight by Eating
– Improves your mood
– Keeps you hydrated
– Boosts metabolism
– Helps you maintain a healthy weight if you opt for fruit water instead of sugary drinks
– Gives your body more energy through the vitamins in the fruit
– Soothes stomach problems (citrus- and mint-infused water)
– Satisfies sweet tooth cravings
– Flushes toxins from your system
– Fills you up
– Helps your body release fat cells for water weight loss
– Keeps other food moving through your system due to fruit’s fiber content
– Keeps your organs healthy while you’re sweating
– Reduces muscle fatigue while you’re working out
– Helps you recuperate faster post-workout
– Keeps your energy up in the afternoon
Recipe ideas:
1. Cucumber citrus water
This fresh-fruit-infused drink will energize you, boost your metabolism and even settle your stomach. Packed with lime, cucumber, grapefruit and fresh mint, this drink will also keep you hydrated and refreshed. For the full recipe, check out the Budget Savvy Diva.
2. Apple cinnamon waterApples and cinnamon boost the metabolism, so combining them in some nice, crisp cold water you can sip on all day will do your body a whole lot of good. Johns of Lose Weight by Eating explains that apples are rich in vitamins C and B, and the phytonutrients and antioxidants in apples might reduce your risk of developing cancer, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. Cinnamon is also packed with amazing benefits, such as lowering cholesterol and fighting diabetes.
For the full recipe, and to find out which apples are best for this fruitwater, check out Lose Weight By Eating.
3. Strawberry, citrus, cinnamon water
To curb cravings for sweets, and keep your complexion nice and clear, Blogilates Designs suggests this strawberry-citrus-cinnamon water. The lemon aids digestion, the cinnamon manages your blood sugar levels and satisfies your cravings, and the strawberries are packed with skin-healthy properties like biotin and antioxidants.
For the full recipe, check out Blogilates Designs.
4. Blueberry orange water
Blueberries are packed with antioxidants and fiber and are even said to help reduce your chances of developing a urinary tract infection (UTI). Oranges are packed with that citrus flavor that is so good in water, but without all the pucker and sourness of lemons or limes. Plus, oranges give you all the vitamin C your body is craving.
For the full recipe, check out the Peach Kitchen.
5. Mango ginger water
This fruit water recipe isn’t as widely popular as the rest, and that’s why we think it’s a great little health secret. Mangoes and ginger are incredible for boosting your metabolism, but they also have some amazing healing properties.
Ginger is a natural pain reliever, and it helps reduce morning and motion sickness, as well as helps treat heart burn. Johns of Lose Weight by Eating also points out that mangoes promote healthy digestion, boost memory and even increase your sex drive.




Antiperspirants and deodorants obviously work great at fighting armpit sweat and odors. But, did you know there are other cool uses for deodorants that have nothing to do with your underarms?


If your sunglasses keep sliding down the bridge of your nose due to sweat, try rubbing antiperspirant on it. This may come as no surprise, but according to WebMD, antiperspirants come in at number one in the fight against unruly sweat! So no matter how hot it gets outside this summer, your fashionable eye rims will stay put.


Sweat pooling underneath the bust line or from crossing your legs can be uncomfortable to say the least! According to Livestrong, red rashes develop underneath your breasts when the skin folds trap moisture. It can also become a breeding ground for bacteria and infections. To stop that from happening, apply antiperspirant underneath your breasts and behind your knees to keep those areas dry and sweat-free!


The same deodorant that keeps your pits smelling sweet can also do the same for stinky feet! As noted by The College of Podiatry, your feet actually have 250,000 sweat glands and can sweat more than any other part of the body. A daily hygiene routine for your feet is recommended. A spray deodorant will work best in this case. Apply liberally to your feet, including the undersides, and in your shoes where odor can also accumulate.


Dry out those unsightly blemishes on your face with an application of antiperspirant deodorant! It’s not the most ideal way to get rid of pimples, but it does the job in a pinch if you don’t have anything else available. The same antiperspirant action that keeps your armpits dry will also work to dry out blemishes.


Large friction blisters are common in athletes, hikers, or if you happen to be breaking in a new pair of shoes. Constant friction of skin against the surface of the shoe can cause blisters to form. Dr. Jessica Wu at Everyday Health says that blisters are worsened by moisture and friction. Antiperspirants work great at preventing them due to its ability to soak up icky sweat.


Hot and humid weather is the bane of every woman’s existence when it comes to hair. Not only can the humidity cause frizziness, but sweat around your hairline and the back of your neck can cause your hair to stick to you. However, an application of clear antiperspirant around your hairline can solve that problem in seconds. This trick is definitely a keeper for your upcoming summer vacation!


When summertime rolls around, it’s time to put on a swimsuit and spend some time lounging around the pool or ocean. Getting rid of stray hairs around the bikini line is a must, but sometimes it can leave you with red and itchy razor burns. Cosmopolitan UK notes that unscented Dove stick deodorant applied to your bikini area will keep it dry and prevent bumps from forming. Be sure to get the antiperspirant variety to prevent sweat!


Sitting in a chair for too long in hot weather can ruin a nice summer dress by causing a large sweat spot to form in the lower back area. However, there is a brilliant solution! Rub some clear antiperspirant along your lower back. According to Livestrong, the aluminum chloride will plug the pores in your skin and prevent your back from sweating. Try swiping a thin layer of antiperspirant on your back before bed, as this can be more effective at stopping excess moisture from causing havoc the next day.


Skinny jeans are called that for a reason – they are super tight! Some of us may need a helping hand to slip into them. That’s where deodorant can rescue you from your fashion emergency! Try rubbing some solid deodorant along your legs first. It will provide a little bit of slippery action that will help your jeans slide right on.




Metabolism is a term used to describe all chemical reactions involved in maintaining the living state of the cells and the organism. What does that mean to you? It means that a slow acting metabolism is often the cause of unwanted weight gain. Scientists have shown that a fast acting metabolism can be linked to prolonged weight loss and a slimmer figure. There are many ways to boost your metabolism. Here are 10 foods that will give your metabolism a real boost!


Avocado’s high fat content (the good kind) is great for the body. The high fat content keeps you full while it’s filling you with protein, fiber, and fat. It’s a real metabolism booster. Adding avocado to your diet is as easy as spreading it on your sandwich, adding it to your morning smoothie, or lunch salad. It’s a quick and easy boost your body will love you for.


Cereals high in fiber are a great way to boost your metabolism! They’ve been scientifically proven to be the best breakfast for people looking to improve their metabolism. High fiber cereals keep you full longer by digesting slowly, and keep you energized for longer. The high-fiber content will also keep insulin levels regular and prevent fat from forming on your body.


If you can handle the heat, add these to your kitchen! Capsaicin, found in jalapenos, gives your metabolism a hearty boost. Of course, you need to remember that deep fried jalapeno poppers do not actually help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism. Throw your jalapenos in anything else, even the oven, to make a delicious finger food that won’t give you a heart attack.


Lean cuts of beef and poultry can support a healthy metabolism. Meat takes a long time to digest, which means they take a lot of energy to digest. This means you’ll be burning fat, and maintain a healthy figure.


If garlic isn’t already a regular part of your cooking, it should be. Not only is it delicious and aromatic, it’s got a long, long, very long list of health benefits. One of those benefits is that garlic helps maintain and shed unwanted weight. Studies show a direct link between calories burned during daily activities and meals that included garlic that were consumed beforehand. Just remember to brush your teeth right after, or chew some super minty gum. Garlic breath is definitely potent.


Boost, boost, boost with the little berry that could! Raspberries are PACKED with fiber and are low calorie. Not only are they little metabolism boosters, but they’re an easy addition to your everyday meal plan. Stock up on high fiber berries and enjoy the sweetness that comes from boosting your metabolism and feeling great.


Oranges are full of vitamin C, and vitamin C helps you metabolize fat super quickly. They’re an easy snack, and irresistibly delicious. Not only are you boosting your immune system, but you’re helping your body get back on track. Eat an orange before your next workout and feel energized!


Salmon is definitely a crowd pleaser. It’s full of amazingly beneficial oils, nutrients, and omega-3 fatty acids. It lowers your body’s leptin hormone levels and makes your body burn more calories than before. Eating salmon will help you lose weight while also giving your hair and skin a natural glow.


Can you smell it? The sweet aroma of freshly brewed green tea is enough to make some drink it, though the health benefits may be the draw for others. Green tea has been shown to selectively increase the burning of fat by raising fat oxidation by at least 17%. Start your day off right with green tea. It boosts your metabolism while giving you an energy boost.


Some may find grapefruit bitter and unappealing, while others see it as an amazing superfood because of what it does for you. Grapefruit boosts your metabolism and is full of fiber that keeps you fuller, longer. The acid inside the fruit helps you break down stored fat in your body. Try having a grapefruit for breakfast, and see the results.




Life is impossible without water. Every living being on the planet needs it. It helps the body to perform its function at full speed. But, keep in mind that water hydrates your body only when used in its pure and original form.

Proper amounts of water keeps health at optimal level, since water adjust body temperature and enhances digestion. Fresh water flushes toxins out of the body, and replenishes the body with fluids.

The most important benefit of water is its role as an reactant, meaning that many reactions and processes within the body require water.
The purpose of this article is to raise the general awareness on the importance of water.

Remember that juices, tea, energy drinks, coffee, and caffeinated drinks should not be used as water substitutes. They sure are liquids, but it is just not the same as pure water. Moreover, energy drinks and coffee contain caffeine, and caffeine dehydrates the body.

Your body has its own way of telling you when something is wrong. But, if you do not understand what is your body saying, here is a nice guideline:

1. Frequency of urination

If you are healthy, you are likely to urinate 6-7 times a day. However, this number varies in each individual, because not all us drink the same amount of water.

If you urinate 2-3 times a day, consider drinking more water. It is your body telling you that you do not get enough water.

Insufficient water intake affects the function of the kidneys, and leads to severe complications, meaning that they will not be able to remove the impurities from your body. Give your body a hand and drink more water.

2. Dry skin

Having a healthy skin complexion means drinking lots of water. You cannot expect a nice and smooth skin if you do not drink any water at all. Keep your skin hydrated! This will prevent dryness, plus you will be amazed of how it feels.

Having a dry skin for a long time means that you are probably dehydrated and your skin is screaming for water. If you use tons of creams and moisturizers, and your skin is still dry, your body lacks water.

Drink a glass of water every hour to maintain your hydration at optimal level. Your skin complexion will improve dramatically, and you will enjoy your smooth and soft skin.

90% of people who completed this program lost over 12LBS in a week. Try it HERE or click the image above

3. Headaches

Dehydration is one of the main causes of headaches. Dehydration-induced headaches is different than common headaches. How to make a difference? Headaches caused by dehydration get even more severe as you move.

It would be practically impossible to bend down, move fast, climb up and down the stairs. The pain will only get worse. If you get this type of headache quite often, consider replenishing your body with enough water. Such headaches occur whenever you forget to drink your water, or sweat excessively.

Once you you feel it coming, drink a glass of water immediately. Make sure you sip your water slowly.

4. Dry mouth

The lack of saliva results in having a dry mouth. If your mouth is dry for quite a while, you are at a higher risk of experiencing severe damages in your oral cavity and throat.

Dry mouth is often caused by general dehydration. But, sometimes overuse of medicines may affect the production of saliva. If your mouth is dry all the time, always have a bottle of water nearby.

5. Color of the urine

Color changes in your urine often indicate severe lack of water. If you are well hydrated, your urine should be lightly colored. But, if your body lacks water, your urine will change its color dramatically.

Drink more water than you usually do, if your urine is darker. Different urine colors show your level of hydration. If your urine is brown, you are dealing with severe dehydration.

Be careful, you should not drink several glasses of water at once. This may give you serious problems. Drink your water slowly and carefully, and thus enable the body to distribute it to the required organs.

6. Hunger

Do you often feel hungry even though you have already had your meal? If craving was the first thing that popped to your mind, you are absolutely wrong.

Never confuse hunger with thirst. Instead of snacking a bag of chips, drink a glass of water. You get the feeling of hungry probably because your body sometimes confuses the signals.

So, next time you feel like eating something after your lunch, drink a glass of water. It will give you a feeling of satiety, because there was never hunger at all. It was just your body asking you for some water.

7. Dizziness

The lightness in your head should not worry you. This is probably a sign that your body had lost large amount of fluids, and it needs its water right away.

Aside from dehydration, keep in mind that sometimes fluid buildups in your inner ear may make you dizzy. Drink a glass of water whenever you feel dizzy. Dizziness is quite common in athletes who spend most of the day in the sun.

8. Symptoms of chronic dehydration

Chronic dehydration is manifested through several clear symptoms. Most of these symptoms are commonly overlooked, and the condition is recognized in its already advanced level.

Here are the most common symptoms of chronic dehydration:

Urinary tract infections

Premature aging

Confusion / Anxiety

Increased cholesterol levels

Constipation/ Heartburn

90% of people who completed this program lost over 12LBS in a week. Try it HERE or click the image above




If you’re at all like me, then you always make sure to load up on supplies you need just in case you get sick. And yet, you rarely end up getting sick thanks to the good old immune system. If that’s the case, then you likely also have Vicks VapoRub, the sickness miracle ingredient, but only to go rarely used.

It turns out that Vicks can actually have a ton of uses around the house, as long as you get creative. Here’s a list I put together so that you can be sure to get the most out of your supply of Vicks!

Fight against stretch marks

Stretch marks are one of the worst symptoms of aging. And for those experiencing pregnancy, finding ways to keep your skin looking young is crucial. It turns out though, that Vicks VapoRub is a great way to fight against stretch marks from developing. Some of the primary ingredients in Vicks, eucalyptus oil, cedar leaf oil, petrolatum, camphor, and turpentine oil, all combine to help stretched skin both feel softer and increase moisture. This will help to keep stretch marks from standing out.

Get rid of bruises

If you have skin that bruises easily, Vicks can be your best friend when it comes to healing them. Just mix a pinch of salt into some a dab of Vicks and rub it onto any areas of skin that are bruised. It will help to dissolve the bruise and your skin will return to normal in no time!

Relieve sore muscles

The menthol in Vicks can help to not only offer a refreshing cool to your skin, but it can also help to improve your blood circulation. After physical activity, just grab some Vicks and rub it onto any areas that are experiencing soreness.

Train your pets

f you have a problem with your pet marking its territory around the house, just grab an open container of Vicks VapoRub and place it in an area that your pet often tries to mark. The strong scent will help to deter them from the area and help them learn not to use the bathroom inside!

Prevent cracked heels

Do you wish you had soft heals but are stick with skin that dries and cracks? Just grab some Vicks and apply it to your heels and feet. Wear cotton socks on top and be sure to wash your feet with warm water. Use the Vicks nightly and you can also rub a pumice stone onto your heels to help exfoliate and further soften your skin.

Relieve headaches and migraines

If you ever have headaches or migraines often, Vicks can be a great way to help provide some relief to the pain. The menthol in Vicks VapoRub helps to cool off your temples and relieve pressure if you rub some onto it. Be sure to keep it around, but if your migraines are occurring frequently, it would be a good idea to see a doctor.

Stop Earaches

Use Vicks VapoRub to stop earaches. Rub a small amount of VapoRub on a cotton ball and put it in your ear for several hours, several times a day. It will not only reduce the pain but also prevent a potential infection.

Prevent chapped lips

If your lips get dry often, using applying some Vicks VapoRub to them can be a great way to moisturize and soften them up

Soothe sunburns

Now that summer is here, sunburn is here with it. The cool feeling you get by rubbing on Vicks is perfect for some nice relief from that annoying stinging sensation. Just rub some of it on the affected area and you’ll be feeling better in no time!

Fight toenail fungus

Thymol is one of the main ingredients in Vicks VapoRub and is great for blocking the growth of fungus because of its antiseptic, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. All you have to do is rub some of it on the bed of your nail and toenail to get rid of the fungus.

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The Heart attack is a potentially lethal condition and is one of the most common causes of death in USA and worldwide. That is why it is crucial to recognize the symptoms which lead to heart attack on time but this is possible only a few months before it happens.

Are you aware that every change in our body is remembered by our hair and that the level of stress hormone- cortisol can show that a person is going to have a heart attack even months before it happens?

Scientists from Canada published a study in which they claim that problems in marriage, problems at work and financial problems increase the risk of heart attack and other heart problems. They also claim that there is a biological sign which forecast a heart attack.
Cortisol, the stress hormone is usually measured through urine, blood and saliva but these examples show high cortisol level in days or in hours before the heart attack – claim professors Stan Van Mind and Gideon Koran of the University of Western Ontario.

But the hair can indicate heart attack much sooner. As the hair is growing about 1cm. in month, 6 inches of hair strand can show the cortisol level within a longer period of time.

This was proven by making analysis on hair samples from 56 people who suffered a heart attack and they were compared with the results from hair samples of people who were suffering from some other medical conditions and didn’t have heart problems.




The hair is a protein filament that is growing from the follicles that are found in the dermis, or in the skin. Beside elimination of pain aspirin can do for you much more. We are going to show you some non-medical benefits that will help you everyday.

Aspirin has a long history as a natural analgesic and it was first made of willow bark. Even the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates (father of medicine) has recommended it to the patients to relive the headache pain.

Salicylic acid is the active ingredient in aspirin and it was first isolated in 1897 by Felix Hoffman, when he had worked as a chemist at Bayer. Today, the annual consumption of aspirin has reached around 40,000 tons in the world, which makes it one of the most commonly used drugs.

You need to rub 3 aspirin peels in your hair and dandruff will disappear and your hair will be beautiful and shiny. You should definitely try this at home. You will be amazed by the results!