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Everyone knows that hydrogen peroxide is great for cleaning wounds, but there is so much more to this chemical compound!

From sanitising surfaces, to busting out stubborn carpet stains, and everything in between – hydrogen peroxide works wonders. After checking out this long list of “unheard of” uses, this strange liquid will be your go-to tool for almost everything!


– The majority of these tips call for a 3% consistency of hydrogen peroxide (which is what’s commonly used in bottles).

– The abbreviation “HP” will be used to replace “hydrogen peroxide” in the tips below.

So, let’s start learning about all of the great thing hydrogen peroxide has to offer!


Beat Most Bodily Viruses: All you have to do to help rid your body of infections and viruses such as the common cold and flu is place 3 drops of HP in each ear. Allow the solution to sit for 10 minutes, then drain it from ears by turning head slowly to each slide.

An Effective Mouth Rinse: Due to its chemical composition, HP is wonderful for fighting mouth-bred germs and bacteria. Simply gargle a cup of water combined with two capfuls of HP.

Get Shiny, White Teeth: Most people don’t know that HP is a common ingredient in most commercial teeth whitening recipes. To get the most out of this powerful oxidation process, just brush your teeth like normal. Once you’re done brushing, mix two tablespoons of water with 1 teaspoon of HP. Then gargle the mixture for 60 seconds, spit it out and rinse your mouth thoroughly with clean water. You can do this up to three times a week!

Highlight Your Hair In Minutes: Use a spray bottle to spritz HP on damp hair. Allow the HP to sit on your locks for 15 minutes before rinsing it off in the shower. After just a few times doing repeating this process, you’ll be left with lighter tresses!

No More Painful Toothache: Combine a half-ounce of HP and a half-ounce of coconut oil (works best to do this in a shot glass) and gargle the mixture! The antibacterial properties will get rid of infection and will help soothe any pain you may feel.

Instant Wound Cleaning: When you have small cuts and abrasions, pour a capful of HP directly over it. This will instantly disinfect and help the wound heal faster!

Silky, Smooth Skin: Get rid of annoying acne and discoloration by washing your face with HP. Not only will the chemical clean your pores, but it will also fight against any new acne that might pop up!

Say Goodbye To Earwax: Hidden inner earwax is harder and most irritating to eradicate! But by pouring two drops of HP in each ear, followed by two drops of olive oil, the wax will drain right out! You’ll normally have to allow the mixture to sit in each ear canal for 3-4 minutes before the wax becomes liquified.

The Best Hand Sanitizer: Your hands will be bacteria-free if you spritz a tiny bit of HP solution over them. The chemical compound acts like an antibacterial soap and will protect against the spread of germs!

A Fun Foot Scrub: Rough feet and hard calluses can be removed with just a bit of HP! Simply add a half-cup of HP to your bathwater and allow your tootsies to soak for roughly 30 minutes!


Clean Your Germy Toothbrush: Your toothbrush harbors all types of germs and bacteria. But if you allow it to soak for an hour or so, the bristles will be germ-free and you can brush your teeth with a cleared conscious.

Every-Type-Of-Stain Remover: Stubborn, stuck on fabric stains (especially blood, sweat and other bodily causes) can be buffed out with ease. Just pour a bit of HP directly on the stain and allow it to sit for 60 seconds. Then gently rinse the area with cold water – you can repeat this process as many times as needed until the stain disappears!

Dishwashing Powertool: Another great use for HP is as a replacement dishwasher soap. If you chose to use this for a dishwashing cycle, be sure to thoroughly rinse the dinnerware before placing them in the machine. HP isn’t as effective as other detergents for removing hardened food remnants.

No More Annoying Odors: It’s a little-known secret that HP removes unpleasant odors from pets and foods – and it works especially well on fabrics. Just combine white vinegar and HP in a bucket and allow the smelly fabrics to soak. Then place them into the washing machine and allow a normal cycle to run! The odors will be no more!

The Best Lunchbox Cleaner: After storing food day-in and day-out, lunchboxes become the perfect places to harbor germs. But just use a water-HP solution in a spray bottle and give it a spritz. After a few seconds, wipe it down and feel comfortable sending your loved ones off with a bacteria-free meal!

Your Toilet Will Look Like New: All you need to do to get shiny porcelain is pour a half-cup of HP into the bowl and allow it to sit for 30 minutes! Not only will it leave it looking brand new, but it will also disinfect one of the most bacteria-prone places in our homes!

Banish Mold For Good: With your handy, dandy water-HP spray bottle you filled earlier, apply a heavy layer onto annoying mold spots. Allow it to sit for 10 minutes and scrub the area with the hard side of a sponge after the allotted time has passed. Be sure to wear gloves and avoid any direct skin contact!

Streak-Free Glass Cleaner: Pesky soap, dirt and daily grime on glass surfaces can be busted out in a second with HP. Use the same water-HP spray bottle as before and apply a light layer of liquid. Let it sit for a few minutes and use a paper towel or newspaper to wipe it off! The best part is that there’s not a streak in sight!

Clean Your Cutting Boards: With all of the raw meats, vegetables and other food items prepared on your wooden cutting boards, it’s only right to clean them the correct way. To disinfect them thoroughly (without ruining the wood surface), spray the water-HP mix on both sides and allow it to soak into the grains for several minutes. Then rinse the surface with cold water!

A Spotless Refrigerator: Just like the lunchbox from earlier, the fridge is an ideal place for germs to stick around! But with just a quick spray of the water-HP solution and a few minutes to do the work, you’ll be left with a cleaned, disinfected place to store your foods! Be sure to wipe the excess liquid off before returning your food into the fridge!

Potent Toy Cleaner: New playmates, curious pets, dirty hands and a million other common reasons causes the spread of germs onto your precious kid’s toys! But use the water-HP solution in the spray bottle to battle these types of dangerous bacteria. Just wipe them down with a paper towel or rag after a few minutes to act!

Burnt Foods Aren’t A Problem Anymore: Stuck-on food stains can ruin your favorite bakeware. But not anymore! Just mix HP with baking soda to form a thick paste. Scrub the paste on the stubborns stains with an old toothbrush and allow it to sit for 10 minutes or so. After the time is up, scrub the area with warm water until the stain is removed!

Purify Stagnant Humidifier Water: Millions of children around the country benefit from a humidifier in their room while they sleep! But after weeks of use, that water can become a breeding ground for cold and bacteria! Luckily, all you have to do is add one pint of HP for every gallon you place in the humidifier. This will keep the water clean and prevent molds from spreading to your little one’s lungs!

Now that you know all of the true benefits of hydrogen peroxide, it’s time to spread the knowledge to your friends and loved ones! They need to know how to get the most out of this magical liquid as well!



The kidneys are vital organs in the human body, located under the rib cage, and are responsible for detoxification and cleaning of the system, as they filter 10-150 quarts blood on a daily basis.

Their function is extremely important for the entire body and the blood.

They remove the excess amounts of waste and fluids from the body, support the health of the bones, balance the electrolytes, stabilize the blood pressure, and increase the number of red blood cells.

Therefore, if their function is somehow endangered, the entire body is at great risk, so you should know how to recognize the symptoms and thus prevent major issues, as kidney damage or failure:

Changes in the urine

  • The most common and early symptoms include:
  • Foamy urine
  • Dark urine, less frequent urinating and urinating in small amounts
  • Urges to urinate during the night
  • Pressure during urinating
  • Trouble urinating
  • Pale color, frequent urination, and in large amounts


In the case of a weakened function of the kidneys, the fail to eliminate excess fluids from the body and thus lead to swellings and bloating of the face, limbs, and joints.

Shortness of Breath

This sign may often be associated with kidney damage. The reduced number of red blood cells, due to the accumulated toxins in the lungs, reduces the amount of oxygen in the body.

Skin rashes

Kidney failure may lead to accumulation of waste, and thus to itching and skin rashes. As waste is build up in the blood, the skin looks irritated, dry, and unhealthy. These issues cannot be easily solved with the use of creams and lotions, since the root problem is internal, due to the problems linked to your

Metallic taste in the mouth

The waste buildup in the blood alters the taste of foods and leads to bad breath. Poor appetite and severe change in some foods indicate kidney damage.

Bad Concentration And Dizziness

Kidney failure, as well as severe anemia, lead to a poor flow of oxygen to the brain, and this ends up in memory problems, poor concentration, dizziness, and light-headedness.


The pain felt in the area of the kidneys indicates kidney stones or infections of the urinary tract.


Healthy kidneys produce a hormone known as EPO (erythropoietin), which increases the number of red blood cells, which carry the needed oxygen. If the number of red blood cells is decreased, it leads to fatigue, and brain and muscles problems. These signs may also be attributed to severe anemia.

Hence, you need to consume healthy foods, foods high in antioxidants, as well as supplements, in order to support the function of the kidneys, and thus take care of the overall health.



Image result for Spray This Simple 3-Ingredient Oil On Your Feet 10 Minutes Before Bed and Watch What Happens

Modern society brought a more tensed way of living, and the majority of us often lack a good night sleep.

Yet, sleep deficiency can be a major cause of numerous serious and complex health issues. This means that you must try to sleep those mandatory 8 hours during the night, in order to function normally the next day.

Due to the importance of this issue, we are constantly suggested to try some alternative ways to improve our sleep, like Himalayan salt rock lamps, feng shui, various natural drinks and the like.

Yet, essential oils can also be extremely effective when it comes to restoring your 8- hour sleep every day. You are probably aware of the various uses and benefits of essential oils, and today we will show you how to use them in this case.

We suggest the preparation of a natural 3- ingredient foot spray. These sprays are extremely effective in detoxifying your body. Namely, the pores on the feet are the biggest and most in number on the body, so they are extremely suitable for the absorption of the needed nutrients.

Our feet also contain numerous points which are linked to different body organs, so the stimulation of these points can have a miraculous effect on our health and well- being.

So, this is how to prepare your homemade spray that will improve your sleep:


  • 10 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 10 drops Chamomile Essential oil (German Chamomile essential oil is a better anti-inflammatory and Roman Chamomile essential oil is more relaxing.)
  • 4 ounces of magnesium oil


Mix the essential oils into a 4 ounce (or larger) glass spray bottle. Shake the bottle gently to ensure that the oils are combined well. Spray this spray on your feet 10 minutes before you go to sleep.


Lavender is a soothing, relaxing herb. Its oil is extremely effective and powerful, and only a few drops of it on your pillowcase can do miracles! Due to its strength, in most cases, it is used diluted. Moreover, you should not use it for your children.


This calming herb has amazing relaxing qualities, and it will also provide great help when it comes to sleep difficulties.


Magnesium essential oil is amazing for both, internal and external use. Technically, it is not oil, but it is regarded thus due to its oily look and effect. It is extremely beneficial in the case of sleeplessness, anxiety, digestion issues, cramps. Particularly if you lack magnesium, the feet are the right place to apply this oil.




We have all asked ourselves what is really happening to the person at the moment of death.

This is not weird because everyone thought about that. Lots of rumors and beliefs have been discussed regarding this topic, however, experts came to the real answer. According to the American Society of Chemists the feeling before death is compared to the feeling when you watch a very scary horror movie as they discovered that the brain reacts in the same way in both cases.

Fear actually prepares us to react when we are in danger. There is a part in the brain named thalamus and it is very sensitive to stress and with a chemical reaction in the brain we come into state of “flight” or “fight” thankfully to the hypothalamus.

How we get this strength?

The hypothalamus stimulates the adrenal gland in order to secrete adrenalin. In this way the body is prepared for action. The adrenalin travels to the liver when the secretion of sugar in the blood is stimulated. The strength is gained in this way. If this does not help, then people start screaming (just like in the horror movies). The interesting part here is that the screams are not perceived with the same brain part as the speech. When we hear someone is screaming, the sound goes from our ears directly to the part of the brain named amygdale.

Now picture yourself in one of those horror movies and somebody is chasing you with an axe to kill you. You start screaming, but that won’t help. What you will feel next if the killer catches you and stabs you with the axe is that you will feel pain which will not be the same one as you are used to, but a kind of pain which will send a message to the brain that something really bad is going on and that it should never be repeated. The killer will stab you in the neck, your heart stops working and you eventually stop breathing (this is a clinical death). At the same moment the brain continues working like never before and that is why some people said that they have seen light or other strange things (people who survived clinical death).

If emergency help does not arrive the brain will stop working as well and biological death comes along

FEELING GRUMPY, STRESSED OR IRRITATED? 5 Best Foods to Prevent Hormonal Imbalance in Women (and 5 Foods to Avoid)



Combining the proper foods is not favourable only for the skin, but it can also improve the reproductive system and contribute to hormones balance.

Foods that are rich in nutrients can be highly beneficial for women as the can improve their mood, energy, metabolism, digestive tract, and even their libido.

In order to function properly, our body needs the right amount of nutrition.


When it comes to hormonal imbalance at women, did you know that there are some foods which can prevent the hormonal imbalance?

These foods can be beneficial for women of all ages:

  • For young women who need to control their hormones during their period
  • Those who are in their mid-ages, and are not so physically active and want an energy burst during the day
  • Pre-menopausal women who need to balance their hormones
  • Women who are in the process of menopause, and women who already passed it; their cells will be replenished, thus making them look younger.

If we don’t intake the right nutrients, our body will not be able to produce the hormones.

Beneficial foods for hormone balance

Yogurt– This fermented dairy product is abundant with calcium needed for the good health of the bones. Yogurt contains probiotics which have the ability to increase healthy bacteria in the gut. Moreover, it has vitamin D which is essential for aging and balancing the hormones

Avocado – Avocado is rich in fiber, vitamin B, E, magnesium, potassium, folic acid and contains healthy fat which make this amazing fruit extremely useful.

Fatty fish – Omega-3 fatty acids can prevent numerous health diseases and conditions including heart disease, hypertension, inflammatory disease, and depression. Also, they are beneficial for cellular health

Vegetables high in antioxidants – Vegetables such as spinach, cilantro, collard greens, and kale are of great importance for proper hormonal balance.

Healing spices – Ginger, garlic, and cinnamon can make your skin glowing and youthful, stabilize your mood, and balance the hormones.

Foods to be avoided?

Sugar – It can cause a hormonal imbalance among women, and cause obesity and diabetes. Sugar has a damaging effect on the liver, digestive system, and pancreas.

Sugar can weaken your nervous system for 50% or more. However, there are some natural sugars as honey which you need to consume in moderate amounts.

High-glycemic foods -These foods can disrupt the hormonal balance. Sugar fruit juice and white bread belong to this group of foods which have the ability to change the way estrogen is metabolized and increase the insulin levels.

Alcohol – It can make the organs work overtime, dehydrate the body, and spark hot flashes. Instead of a dessert, you can drink one glass of wine or beer with your dinner. In a case you experience hot flashes, make sure to avoid alcohol.

Caffeine – It is recommended that women who go through menopause not to consume caffeine because it can trigger hot flashes. Moreover, caffeine can cause nervousness and anxiety among young women.

Soy – The thyroid gland has a responsibility to produce and store the hormones which need to control the body systems, but can be disrupted by the phytoestrogens.

The thyroid hormone maintains appropriate metabolic rate for converting food to energy, balances blood pressure, regulates the rate of the heart  and maintains body temperature. And soy is a phytoestrogen which mimics the naturally occurring hormone functions in the body.

So, it is of great importance to avoid the excessive amounts of soy because it can have negative effects on your body like mood swings, infertility, weight gain, and muscle loss.

Eat the right food so you can feel great!

Amazing TRICK: A Girl Put Aluminium Foil On After Washing Her Hair: The Best Hairdressers Across The World Will Want This Trick!



Hey ladies, how are you today? Well, unfortunately, many women around the world are experiencing a lot of problems with their hair!

But, you shouldn’t be worried, because with this simple trick you’ll get a nice, beautiful and strong hair. Everything you need for this trick are these natural ingredients. Yes, and it’s very simple – just take a look at the article below and find out more about this! This method is very simple and easy to make. You just have to follow the simple instructions. Here’s what you need to do:

You will need the following ingredients:

  • 1 lemon, orange or grapefruit
  • 1 banana
  • 2l milk


Here’s what you need to do – first, you need to squeeze the lemon, orange or the grapefruit. And then, you need to add a banana into a blender and blend it well with 2l of milk. Thereafter mix all these ingredients and apply to your hair, then cover with aluminum foil. This mixture should be left to act on the hair for half an hour and then wash your hair with shampoo. This powerful mixture will make your hair be shiny, healthy, beautiful and what is most important to be without dandruff. And trust me – you will be amazed by the results. We really hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share this amazing trick with your female friends. Thank you and have a nice day!

Scientists Are Urging Women To Stop Wearing Bras. This Is Why.



According to studies, the National No Bra Day on October 13th shouldn’t be the only day for that matter. In fact, scientists are urging women to stop wearing bras immediately.

Scientists claim that wearing bras from a young age does not help support the chest, prevent breast sagging, nor reduce back pain. In fact, not wearing a bra promotes more tone and supporting breast tissue.

After a long 15-year study on the effect of bras conducted on 330 women aged 18 to 35, a sports science researcher Jean-Denis Rouillon told in an interview, “Medically, physiologically, anatomically – breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity. On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra.”

His study found that women who didn’t wear bras have perkier breasts. Bras, he claims, could hamper blood circulation and reduce breast tone over time.

There are also other professionals who agree with Rouillon. For example, Dr. Stafford Broumand told Refinery29, “For younger women, not wearing a bra will lead to increased collagen production and elasticity, which improves lift in a developing breast.”

On the other side, there are those who do not fully agree with this statement.

For e.g. Deborah Orr from the Guardian says:

“So, clever him and stupid women. Except, wait. Rouillon isn’t any kind of expert at all, because he doesn’t have breasts. He reckons that “medically, physiologically, anatomically breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity”. But women don’t wear bras for medical, physiological or anatomical reasons. We wear them for psychological, aesthetic and practical reasons. Bras stop our breasts from wobbling about in a Don’t Forget for a Second You’ve Got Breasts manner, allowing us to forget them. Otherwise, we’d be cupping them in our hands every time we broke into a trot to catch a lift.

Rouillon says that his research shows the nipples of women aged 18-35 rose by an average of 7mm when they went braless. He fails to understand that one of the many comforting things about bras is that you rarely have to think about where your nipples might be. Women are encouraged to fret about their breasts enough. The last thing we need is some fool telling us that we need to think about them, and their welfare, a great deal more.”

There is also a campaign named #freethenipple, where they believe that women should have the right to bear their chests. They think that not wearing a bra will change the whole image of breastfeeding in public.

Take a look at the video below, this woman made the transition to no bra!



Are you dealing with bad breath and it seems that no breath freshener in the world can help you? It looks like there are some individuals that have difficulties with breath odor that they can’ solve.


The majority of cases related to bad breath are linked to tonsil stones.

In case you didn’t know, they represent small dots that are visible on tonsils. They can turn your breath into something very unpleasant. The reason is simple – the stones are producing a gas with sulfur-like smell and we all know that this smell is awful.

Here's Why You Have 'Bad Breath''. Remove This And Solve The Problem

Tonsil stones can be described as lumps of mucus, food leftovers and bacteria that accumulate right in the back side of the throat.

Once this buildup becomes solid, people can expect more than just issues with their breath, they can also experience problems when they are swallowing food.

In some cases, tonsil stones are eliminated on their own, but in many cases they must be removed surgically. The good news is that there is a third, natural option. This technique will let you remove the stones without anyone’s help.

For more information, check the video below:




We can easily say that honey is one of the healthiest foods in the world. Honey is loaded with healthy nutrients and it can provide many health benefits. In this article we are going to show you how to make this powerful combo, which will help you burn weight overnight. Just drink this powerful drink before you go to sleep and wake up every morning with less weight. This powerful drink is really amazing.

As we said, honey is super healthy ingredients, but when you mix it with cinnamon – you will increase its powers and get even more powerful combo. Cinnamon is also very useful and beneficial for many ailments, such as: it improves the complexion, lowers cholesterol, increases blood flow, perfect for the heart, stomach, intestines and the best thing about cinnamon is that will speed up the weight loss process and help you lose weight much faster (even when you sleep).

There are many different ways to incorporate cinnamon into your healthy diet: you can use cinnamon as a supplement to all the dishes after a quarter of a teaspoon to every meal, replace sugar with cinnamon, fully or partially or make a special mixture for weight loss and drinking it regularly. So, make this drink before you go to sleep and drink it. In the morning you will be amazed by the results. You should know that this mixture is very simple and easy to make and you probably already have all the ingredients in your kitchen cabinet.

Just follow the simple instructions:

As we said, every night before you go to sleep you should drink a mixture of honey and cinnamon powder. Note: if you use this drink regularly, then you will be amazed by the results. This powerful mixture will help you get rid of the fat tissue around your abdominal area and you will feel refreshed and full of energy.

Here’s what you need to do:

First, you need to boil 200 ml of water then add 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon powder and leave it for 30 minutes, until it’s cool. When the water is cool enough, you need to add 1 teaspoon honey and leave in the fridge. Drink one cup of this super healthy drink, 30 minutes before you go to sleep.

Note: make sure you don’t add anything else in this drink. You do not need to drink this during the day. It only works if you take it at bedtime.

As we said, you will notice amazing results just after 2 weeks. How this works – well, it’s probably because the cinnamon and honey cleanse the digestive tract, remove parasites, fungi and other bacteria, which slows down digestion in the body. We really hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank You.



Do you want to remove your body hair quickly and without feeling any pain? Try this method and let your skin glow.



If you don’t treat your skin properly, if you wax or shave your body too fast or even too often, if you are reckless, then you should know that these actions may cause the appearance of scars on your skin. Even though you try to remove the hair on your legs, armpits and arms, they keep on growing back. That is why here in this article we will show you how to permanently remove your hair WITHOUT WAXING.

The best thing about this method is that you will not feel any pain at all!